This Free Cookbook Will Help You Shake Up Weeknight Meals

Though most of us are stuck indoors and unable to participate in the activities we used to enjoy (miss you, movie theaters) we all still have to eat. Unless you’re eating out for every single meal of every day, you’re probably doing a fair bit of cooking. And while it’s all well and good to use cooking as a point of connection to others, it can become monotonous when you’ve done it every day for months on end. If you, too, are experiencing cooking burnout, you’re not alone. Most times I love cooking, but there are some days I can’t even muster the enthusiasm to microwave a container of soup from my freezer stash. 

But how do we get past this fatigue? Well, one way to get excited about being in the kitchen again is to mix up what you’re making. Tired of making chicken breast with a starch and a vegetable again? There are plenty of other (easy) ways to prepare chicken, or even just variations on the format if you love the simplicity of the meal.

One great resource that has become available during the pandemic is the Open Source Cookbook. The Open Source Cookbook is exactly what it sounds like—tons of recipes from contributors at all levels of kitchen expertise, from home cook to professional chef. 

Whether you’re looking to shake things up with pizza at home or get out of your comfort zone with global flavors, Open Source Cookbook has you covered. The book, available for free in PDF format, contains recipes for pastas, soups, sandwiches, drinks, desserts, and even some breads. Though the book is packed with recipes, most of them are pretty unfussy—perfect for disillusioned cooks craving simplicity. Plus, if you have a cherished recipe to contribute, you can even do so through Open Source Cookbook’s website.

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