50 Mini Challenges to Take When You Turn 50

Turning 50 means entering a new phase of life. For many people, it brings them closer to retirement, which can mean new amounts of free time.

If you’re finding yourself unsure of how to plan your time with this newfound freedom or simply want to participate in new things when you turn 50, try giving yourself small challenges to complete throughout the year.

These tasks aren’t a bucket list; they can be completed relatively easily and inexpensively and range from good deeds to things that can help you reconnect with others.

  1. Bake a loaf of bread.
  2. Buy an item of clothing that isn’t something you would normally wear, but that you like anyway.
  3. Take the scenic route.
  4. Play a kind trick on April Fools’ Day.
  5. Go skinny dipping.
  6. Be lazy; lay in bed until 11 a.m.
  7. Try meditation.
  8. Capture one moment a day for a week with a drawing or painting, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist.
  9. Try yoga.
  10. Send a message in a bottle.
  11. Write a journal.
  12. Learn the sign language alphabet.
  13. Pick up a random novel at a bookstore. Read the first paragraph, then do something inspired by what you read.
  14. Write and send a letter to a family member or close friend.
  15. Take a dance class.
  16. Pay it forward by paying for someone else’s drink at a coffee shop.
  17. Photograph your 10 favorite spots and things in your home.
  18. With their permission, take 10 photos of strangers. Try and get stories with each one (similar to Humans of New York).
  19. Invite someone new to get a drink.
  20. Put a five-dollar bill in a library book with a kind note.
  21. Use a life expectancy calculator. Write down five things you really want to do in your lifetime.
  22. Visit a crop circle.
  23. Invite friends over for a dinner party.
  24. Grow an herb or vegetable.
  25. Read a book on a topic you know nothing about.
  26. Try to prepare a food you dislike in a way that makes you love it.
  27. Visit a local landmark and learn its history.
  28. Host a board game night.
  29. Try an alternative therapy (such as acupuncture).
  30. Watch a movie that makes you cry.
  31. Try origami.
  32. Watch the sun rise.
  33. Go to a concert.
  34. Take a luxurious bath.
  35. See a foreign film or documentary in a theater.
  36. Go hiking.
  37. Give extra compliments every day for a week. See how much positivity you can spread.
  38. Spend 30 minutes doing something you love.
  39. Run an errand for a family member or friend.
  40. Eat something you love but don’t get to have often.
  41. Plant a terrarium.
  42. Learn a repair skill, such as changing the oil in a car.
  43. Get ordained.
  44. Go to dinner or the movies alone.
  45. Keep a gratitude list for at least a week by writing down at least one thing you are grateful for each day.
  46. Take a ghost tour or go on a ghost hunt.
  47. Learn to identify poisonous and edible plants.
  48. Photograph the coolest landmark or thing in your town or city.
  49. Watch a television show you’ve been meaning to watch.
  50. Make a personal recipe book.